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Cannabis Clinics Australia: National Access To Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, weed, CBD oil, or THC, is legal, and people are searching for clinics in Australia that are authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Back in 2017, when prescribing medicinal marijuana to patients was becoming known, very few trained and authorised doctors were comfortable with prescribing cannabis products like CBD oil, THC, or the dried flower.

Now there are so many different ways to access medical marijuana in Australia that include:

  • local GPs or doctors (authorised prescribers)

  • cannabis clinics

  • remote TeleHealth services

Whether you are in the city or out in the country, there is a way for you to speak with a trained health professional that can help you discover if cannabis is right for you.

Table of Contents.

  • Can My Local GP Prescribe Medical Cannabis?

  • Can I Buy Cannabis Products Over The Counter At Pharmacies?

  • How do I talk to my doctor about Cannabis Clinics in Australia?

  • The Remote Cannabis Clinics: TeleHealth Services in Australia

  • What Are Cannabis Clinics In Australia: National Guide

  • Conclusion: Cannabis Clinics Australia: At A National Level

Note: Cannabis is an unregistered medicine available only in the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. Only a doctor can decide if you will be eligible for medical cannabis therapy.

Can My Local GP Prescribe Medical Cannabis?

Your current treating doctor can prescribe cannabis to you, so why do cannabis clinics exist?

Your local GP or doctor may not be familiar with medical cannabis. They can provide you with a referral to cannabis clinics that are more comfortable prescribing cannabis products like CBD oil and THC oil.

Cannabis clinics have doctors who are educated and trained in the treatment of medicinal marijuana. They understand how to tailor a cannabis medical treatment plan to patients.

Some general medical centres have doctors who are authorised prescribers. These doctors are capable of prescribing medicinal cannabis to patients.

Can I Buy Cannabis Products Over The Counter At Pharmacies?

Cannabis products available at pharmacies

Australia is making fast progress with medicinal cannabis, and patients are looking forward to accessing medicinal cannabis products more accessible and at a more affordable price.

So what does this look like? Pharmacies and chemists will be able to provide Australians with low-dose CBD oil over the counter without a prescription. For patients with a prescription, you can purchase medicinal cannabis products online or at local pharmacies.

Low-dose CBD oil is available in Australia with a maximum of 150 mg/day and is intended for adult use (TGA - Source).

Cannabis clinics are the best access path for people with chronic conditions requiring larger than 150 mg/day doses, or children, or access to THC and other cannabis products.

Over time, Australia will replicate North America’s model, where cannabis products are available to purchase with or without a doctor’s involvement.

This offers competitive pricing for medical-grade CBD oil, THC, dried flower, and more.

How do I talk to my doctor about Cannabis Clinics in Australia?

How to talk to your doctor about cannabis

Any doctor can legally prescribe medicinal cannabis products like CBD oil if they believe the treatment is suitable for the patient.

There is a process involved that often includes approval from relevant authorities like the

The TGA will typically approve the prescription of THC or other scheduled 8 cannabis medicines before a doctor will provide a prescription.

Medical cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, is relatively new in Australia. This has made doctors reluctant to prescribe cannabis medicine to patients.

A doctor has a duty of care for their patient’s safety. Suppose they are not educated on prescribing medicinal cannabis products. In that case, they are more likely to refuse or refer you to a cannabis clinic in Australia with trained health professionals.

You can direct your doctor to a Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service to learn more about prescribing marijuana products including CBD and THC.

Alternatively, you can ask for a referral to a cannabis clinic with trained health professionals that can provide a safe, comfortable and human experience when looking into cannabis as a therapeutic treatment.

The Remote Cannabis Clinics: Telehealth Services in Australia

TeleHealth remote cannabis clinics via phone or video call

For Australians who do not have any cannabis clinics near them, TeleHealth services have authorised prescriber doctors that can provide medicinal cannabis treatment, including:

  • CBD oil

  • THC oil

  • cannabis spectrum products

  • dry herb (flower, bud, etc.)

  • capsules, edibles, and more

TeleHealth services have become extremely popular in Australia due to the limited number of trained medical staff authorised to prescribe popular cannabis medicines like CBD oil.

Depending on your medical condition, you may find that a TeleHealth service is the best medical cannabis option available for you.

The benefits of TeleHealth services when seeking a medicinal cannabis prescription includes:

  • faster service

  • remote access to cannabis doctors

  • save time and money

What Are Cannabis Clinics In Australia: National Guide

Australian National Cannabis Clinics

Cannabis clinics provide Australian patients with access to a medical-cannabis treatment plan and a prescription to medicinal marijuana products like CBD oil, THC, dried flowers, and more.

They are staffed with trained doctors who are authorised prescribers for all types of medicinal cannabis treatments. They can discover if cannabis is right for you and tailor a treatment plan to your medical condition.

Australians tend to use Cannabis Clinics to provide a humanising experience for patients unfamiliar with cannabis as a medical treatment.

Some clinics also have a dispensary where patients can immediately purchase their medicinal cannabis products. Alternatively, local pharmacies or online platforms can sell you medicinal cannabis with a prescription.

The process to access cannabis through a clinic in Australia typically includes:

  1. booking an appointment online or over the phone

  2. consultation with a doctor to discuss cannabis treatment

  3. approval with the TGA department if required

  4. follow-up consultation to discuss treatment and dosage

  5. purchase your prescription

  6. follow-up, dosage adjustment if needed, and receive a new prescription

This ensures that you get the best possible medicinal cannabis treatment available for your condition.

The most significant concern around cannabis clinics in Australia is the high price. So how much should you expect to pay for medicinal cannabis in Australia?

The average cost for a cannabis clinic process is:

  • initial consultation: $200

  • follow-up consultation: $100

  • TGA approval: $35

  • Cannabis products (CBD, THC, etc.) per day: $4-10

The prices vary per cannabis clinic, and the cost per day for treatment varies for each patient.

Cannabis Clinics In Brisbane

Cannabis Clinics In Brisbane

Brisbane is home to Australia’s best cannabis clinics including PlantMed and Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA).

The Brisbane cannabis clinics provide a pleasant and comfortable treatment journey that has set the standard for the rest of Australia regarding Cannabis Clinic services.

For those lucky enough to live in Brisbane, you have access to some of the best physical clinics, and for those who are remote, you can access medicinal cannabis through TeleHealth services.

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