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Are you in Australia?!Are you a weed smoker?! Do you like trying different strains of cannabis?!

Are you in Australia for a trip or are you based in Australia?! Are you a weed smoker? Do you like trying different strains of cannabis? Even if you're in the suburbs and you smoke regularly, and Can't find a reliable source, andyou might not know much about the strains of hemp and their effects on you. There are so many types of cannabis strains that it’s easy to get confused! Each strain has its own unique combination of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The different ratios of these chemicals determine how high you get and what kind of effects they have on your body. There are many strains out there today, but here are the top 5 strains of Secret Nature CBD! All available at

Fresh fruit on a hot summer night? enter Papaya Nights.  An uplifting sativa, this strain is rich in sweet, juicy flavors like papaya, peach, and pear.  One of our most requested strains, users report its impressive ability to potentially uplift and provide a positive mood boost throughout the day. Enjoy.

Sour Gummy

A balanced hybrid strain, Sour Gummi is the perfect option for those seeking potential relief without overwhelming stimulation or couch lock. It has a strong aroma of sweet and sour candy, with hints of earth and pine. Its buds are large and sticky and will provide a smooth smoking experience for all to enjoy.


Warm peach cobbler, thats exactly where this strain gets its name from.  A balanced yet uplifting sativa, cobbler is a great way to enhance any daily activity by potentially adding a sense of ease and motivation.  Its flavor an aroma are mild with the standout characteristics being fresh pie, with hints of peach and almonds.

. Sativa uplifting

. Indoor grown.

Sweet cake

Sweet Cake, that pretty much describes the aroma and flavor of this strain.  A potent Indica that users report may leave them relaxed and/or ready for bed.  With beautiful, dense, neon green buds, and covered in orange hairs, Sweet Cakes flavor is like taking a bit of raspberry cheesecake.

. Indica relaxing

.Indoor grown

Melon Frost

Bursting with flavors of sparkling sour watermelon and gas, Melon Frost is truly a special strain. Not only does it have one of the most distinct flavor profiles of any CBD flower available, its buds are some of the most beautiful we have ever laid eyes on, varying from neon purple, to light green, and covered from head to toe with quartz-like trichromes. Its unique terpene profile may help to create a very uplifting, yet calm and focused experience.

. Sativa- uplifting

.Indoor grown

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