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Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions in Sydney, NSW Australia

Are you a patient looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines in Sydney or New South Wales? and Educational Hub offers you access to a range of TGA approved doctors and medical practitioners in NSW that can help you determine which medicinal cannabis product is right for you.

The Cannabis Centre is a leading medical cannabis provider in NSW. Our focus is ensuring doctors, pharmacies and patients gain approved and regulated access to a wide range of high quality and premium, medicinal marijuana products, in Sydney, all from the one online hub. 

NSW Doctors RACGP Accredited Medicinal Cannabis Courses

A Doctor in NSW can only prescribe Medical Cannabis if they are accredited an approved by RACGP, if they are an Authorized Prescriber (AP), through the Special Access Scheme (SAS), or as a compounded product.

Medical professionals that are approved under the AP pathway, can prescribe unapproved therapeutic goods for a specific case or condition of patients in their immediate care without needing the TGA’s approval.

The medical practitioner prescribing medicinal cannabis, they can also elect the SAS pathway which allows certain medical professionals to prescribe therapeutic goods that are not registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for a single patient.

Doctors can also bypass TGA approval with Compounded products which allows any doctor to prescribe any product formulation for a patient, however Doctors and Pharmacists should check their state requirements before prescribing and dispensing compounded medical marijuana products.

Doctors in Australia can start prescribing medical cannabis products to patients easily with the help of and Education Hub. 

Doctors within network can find a range of medicinal cannabis products, patient forms, training and education, conditions, effects, and more. Doctors and medical practitioners can browse and select the most suitable products for their patient, during or after a consultation.


Pharmacists Can Order Medicinal Cannabis Products in Sydney, NSW

cannabliss420-au.c0m helps patients connect with doctors and streamline prescription fulfilment services with pharmacists across Sydney, NSW.

At, we make it easy for pharmacists to order medical cannabis products online, in Sydney and New South Wales.

Pharmacists now don’t have to deal with the time-consuming process of ordering medical cannabis products individually from different suppliers. 

Through our easy online ordering hub, pharmacists can order medical cannabis products, such as medicinal cannabis and oils and more, in one single location with one account. 

Let canna bliss help you connect with patients who have a script or prescription for medicinal cannabis products, in Sydney, including premium grade medical marijuana products.

Why choose canna bliss?

With a network of medical specialists and telehealth consultants across Sydney, NSW, Australia, you get fast and regulatory approved access to premium medicinal cannabis products & oils online


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