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Where to Get Weed in Sydney

Where to buy/get cannabis in Sydney. Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales and one of the biggest cities in Australia, is best known for the Sydney Opera House, which is located right on the water and has a distinctive sail-like appearance. With the arched Harbour Bridge and renowned Royal Botanic Garden adjacent, the large Darling Harbour and the smaller Circular Quay port are centers of life along the water. The Skywalk at Sydney Tower provides 360-degree views of the city and its environs. Keep reading for more on how to get marijuana/weed in Sydney-Australia.


Cannabis use and possession are prohibited on a federal level in Australia, however state laws on the matter vary. In South Australia, it is legal to have a small amount of cannabis for personal use, although doing so is still penalized by a nominal fee. If the payment is made, a criminal record won’t exist. The fine for marijuana is comparable to a parking ticket. Federal law prohibits smoking in public, and in some situations, it carries greater penalties.Australia is a rather free nation when it comes to marijuana, but cultivating and selling it are still prohibited. It’s best to stay out of it because getting involved could land you in jail as a result of their behavior.

Where to Get Weed in Sydney

Most Sydney residents obtain their marijuana from vendors who send it to their homes. For the best outcomes, inquire about the area and find a helpful person. You’d be shocked at how quickly a bartender may assist you in obtaining marijuana since many of them smoke.If you don’t want to interact with others, you can go to Kings Cross, albeit this is not advised. Kings Cross, a terrible area, is where dealers may be found. Although the quality of the weed varies, it almost certainly falls short of what you’re used to in Europe or America. A gram of marijuana should cost around 20 Australian dollars or 13 euros.

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Cannabis in Sydney, Australia. The Definitive Guide

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= very illegal with severe punishment, 10= completely legal] – 7

Cannabis is illegal. However, smoking in public is tolerated. You can carry 10 to 60 grams on you without too many consequences.

Sydney Cannabis Laws

The cops will be quite relaxed when it comes to weed. In most cases, they smoke weed! But keep in mind that this depends from cop to cop, person to person. Some cops might be stricter than others, while some might just let you off with a warning.

If you want to smoke in public, it should be fine, as long as you don’t smoke it in the middle of crowded areas or right in front of the cops.

In some cases, the cops might confiscate your weed (and they might go on to smoking it themselves later!)

Keep in mind. If you have more than 60 grams on you, the cops might arrest you, thinking that you are a dealer. Of course, they might arrest you for just a joint too! It depends upon their mood.

Prices and Quality of Cannabis

The prices and even the quality of cannabis differ from spot to spot, dealer to dealer. To put it in simple terms- it’s the dealer’s choice. As for the price, hash is cheaper than weed. You can buy a gram of good quality weed for around $12 . On the other hand, hash- a gram, you will get for about $10.

Where can you get cannabis in Sydney ?

The best place to find cannabis in Sydney is just to venture out and explore the city. You will inevitably come across many smokers and dealers in parks or on the streets. You can just walk up to someone smoking and ask them. You will also see many shady looking dealers. They will usually approach you if you make eye contact with them. However, in all honesty, this is a terrible deal. You will find low-quality weed, which is sold for high prices, $15 or even more, especially if you are a tourist. The weed is awful quality and just not worth it but you be lucky enough to get a dealer with Top quality weed.

Cannabis Culture in Sydney

What you should know is that cannabis/weed/Marijuana and hash are illegal in Sydney, Australia. Even so, people here love to smoke weed, so you should not have any trouble in finding dealers or even other smokers around the city. The cops are also very relaxed and will not disturb you if you are smoking in peace and not creating a scene. If you are above 18 years old, you can carry anywhere between 10 grams to even 60 grams of cannabis on you, and the cops won’t bother much You will also find dispensaries selling medical marijuana, which a lot of people make use of. Of course, you will need a doctor’s prescription for that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to get weed in parks?

Usually, yes, it is safe as long as you stay discreet and don’t act too overt about it. Be careful of the cops around you, and you should be fine.

Can you smoke hash on the streets?

Well, you can. But if a cop catches you, it depends entirely on his mood what he decides to do with you. He may fine you, arrest you, or simply let you go. You have to be lucky!

What happens if you are caught with marijuana?

If you have less than 60 grams on you, you should be fine. The cops might confiscate your weed or fine you, but that’s about it—no more trouble. If you have more than 60 grams, you might be thought of to be a dealer and arrested.

Is it easy to get weed in Sydney ?

Yes, it’s relatively easy to get weed in Sydney. Just roam around the parks or on the streets, and you should find enough dealers or only smokers to help you out.

Is Cannabis legal in Sydney ?

Cannabis is illegal. However, smoking in public is tolerated. You can carry 10 to 60 grams on you without too many consequences.

What is Marijuana and Other Drugs Really Worth?

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