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Are you in Australia, are you suffering from neuropathy and you don't know CBD is good for neuropath

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Are you in Australia and is suffering from neuropathy and you don't know where to find good CBD oil to help out with your pains?! Come to for the best and top shelf CBD oil.

when it comes to treating diabetic neuropathy, CBD oil (cannabis oil) has been proved to be more effective compared to conventional medicines. Diabetic patients experience neuropathy in the feet and hands as well as other organs and they require the right treatment to relive pain and avoid extra neuropathy.

CBD oil is one of the most popular drugs used as a chronic pain reliever for many decades. The oil is effective for relieving inflammation, reduce pain and deal with general discomforts that arise as a result of different health conditions. In this article, we are going to look at why CBD oil is good for neuropathy.

As you walk along the drugs corridors, you will hear them call it cannabidiol, medical cannabis or CBD oil. This healing oil has been derived from hemp / cannabis plant.

CBD oil and neuropathy

Neuropathy is known to be one of the most painful feelings a human being can ever experience. The condition occurs when there is injury, damage or dysfunction to nerves. There are two common types of neuropathy; Diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy.

The two types of neuropathy may portray similar symptoms but they are caused by different conditions. For diabetic neuropathy, it occurs as a result of damaged nerves due to high blood sugar. Peripheral neuropathy on the other hand is caused by injury.

Neuropathy causes nerves confusion, directing false pain signals to the brain. The patient reports feelings of numbness, burning sensations, tingling, pricky pins, shooting and needles. Chronic neuropathy is complex to treat since there are very limited treatment options available. In most cases, the patient is put under pharmaceutical painkillers. For ages, opiates have been known to be the popular drugs for chronic pain but CBD oil has come out to be the most recommended drug for successful relieve of chronic neuropathy.

For diabetic patients, learning how CBD oil can help with neuropathy and the best type of CBD that works for you can be the best big thing. Neuropathic pain can be so annoying that it hinders the sufferer from living a happy healthy life that he/she has always desired. Research shows that CBD oil works for treating chronic neuropathy.

Why CBD oil

Cannabis Sativa will contain organic chemical compounds called cannabinoids that are very powerful when it comes to binding brain and body receptors that regulate most physiological systems like memory, pain, mood and appetite. There are several pharmaceuticals that react with such brain receptors but cannabinoids present in CBD oil binds naturally. For conditions like neuropathy which may be difficult to treat using conventional drugs, medical cannabis becomes the only best treatment option.

When you compare the symptoms relief from most of the conventional treatment options, they do not outweigh their negative side effects. Again, most of them are highly addictive. For medical cannabis, their reaction with the body’s receptors is superb and they don’t put the patient under the risk of addiction.

The key reasons why medics prefer CBD oil to treat neuropathy symptoms is because of its effectiveness and the drug works better even for patients who do not respond well to pharmaceutical therapies. Looking at the psychoactive side effects of cannabis, they are not debilitating likened to opiates. There are several medical cannabinoids known to treat conditions like anxiety, pain, inflammation and sleep disorders but pure CBD oils are a notch higher. CBD is a non-psychoactive pain and inflammation reliever and has the potential to remove extreme immune-related oxidative stress and allows the body to heal itself. It therefore helps to significantly reduce symptoms of neuropathy and its sedative properties help patients to feel more relaxed.

Neuropathic pain can at times become resistant to conventional therapies. Research shows that medical cannabis is very effective and safe in relieving pain symptoms and their benefits far outweigh the risks. That is the key reasons why most medical professionals prefer using CBD oil to treat a variety of medical complications. When everything else fail to work, cannabis does.

A combination of opiates and cannabis has also been found to be a perfect solution to greatly reduce chronic pain. So, it is allowed for patient to take cannabidiol along with their daily opiate dosage.

Research done by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research along with other research institutions reveals that medical cannabis is one of the most useful alternatives for neuropathic pain. It has been found to work efficiently for HIV neuropathy patients and great for managing excruciating peripheral neuropathy.

Is CBD safe for you?!

For many decades now, there has been controversy as to whether cannabis is good for human health. Actually, the use of cannabis has been prohibited in some parts of the world and this makes many to have an assumption that medical cannabis is not safe traditional prescription medicine.

The fear of potential risk for lethal overdose as a result of addiction is the key alarm in this aspect. So far, there is no proven medical reports suggesting that consuming marijuana has caused drug induced toxicity or death but many people associate it with the large number of social smokers.

CBD oil is a highly medicinal oil that has been derived from cannabis and it has been manufactured under strict industry standards and therefore safe for everyone. So, if you are looking for the evolving healing strategy for reducing the effects of inflammation on oxidative stress, consider CBD oil.

Will CBD makes you high

Who doesn’t know that cannabis is a highly addictive drug? Everybody knows this and those social marijuana smokers can attest to this. But CBD oil can’t get you high at any time. The oil has been derived from hemp as opposed to marijuana and it is naturally higher in CBD and lower in THC.

Where to find the best CBD oil for you

If you or your loved one are struggling with the annoying neuropathy pain and you’ve tried every pharmaceutical therapy with no success, CBD oil may be your next biggest breakthroughs. But before you buy a bottle of CBD oil, talk to your doctor for recommendations.

Mellow Mermaid CBD is a popular hub for healing goods and organic skincare. Investing in CBD manufactured by a reputable company known to produce excellent quality products can be beneficial.

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